“THE POWER OF EMOTIONS seminar was breathtaking, inspiring, engaging, and holds a full body of knowledge like I have never known before. Mr. Dance is a storyteller who takes you into a different place, a different world, that is intriguing, fascinating, inspiring, heartfelt, extremely deep, and detailed beyond words. Bill Dance is truly an incredible artist and a rare human being.” -Yve Marie A.

“Bill Dance’s seminar DEVELOP THE ARTIST WITHIN…THE POWER OF EMOTIONS was a powerful journey into the depths of the human spirit. PASSIONATE…INSPIRATIONAL…INTENSE…EMOTIONAL…a life changing experience.”-Jenna M.

“If you haven’t taken Bill Dance’s THE FILM TECHNIQUE…STILL WATERS RUN DEEP seminar, you are missing one of the best workshops in this industry. Mr. Dance shows you how to create that stillness and silence as an actor where you draw off your deepest emotions. Please don’t miss this valuable seminar.” -Joyce R.

“Bill Dance in his seminar THE POWER OF EMOTIONS ran the gamut of emotions and left himself rawly exposed to the audience. I have never experienced anything like this in my life.” -Teresa O.

“I was overwhelmed by Bill Dance’s personal inspirational seminar. Being an opera singer and not knowing what to expect, I was taken down an emotional road of ups and downs unlike anything I have ever experienced. Bill has a way of opening one’s heart, as he opens his own to you while sharing his moving life experiences. Through his honesty and humanity, I was drawn into the freedom to feel the hidden essence and profound feelings deep within a forgotten part of myself. It was riveting and calming at the same time. I felt elevated to a higher plain for days after, and I knew that I had experienced something really special. ” -Dorothy M.

“I came to Mr. Dance’s seminar not having any idea of what to expect, yet remained open and ready to absorb. What I was about to attend was not simply a seminar, but a powerful, moving experience. Mr. Dance truly understands what it means to connect with the source as an artist-that source being of human experience. I was so inspired that now I feel I have a better understanding of how to carry this into my work as an artist.” -Bryan S.

“Your seminar helped me feel from my inner core…My soul felt alive…Your creative manner for storytelling and your very visual way of expressing your gifts and talents made me feel alive again. Your seminar was very engaging and caused me to think about my purpose in life and how I connect with others. I cried, laughed, felt pain and joy as you engaged us.” -Rita H.

“Mr. Dance guided me through a path of self-realization where you can allow your story, with all of its beauty and blemishes, to play an invaluable role in molding a character and breathing life into the very element of the text. Mr. Dance’s ability to recapture life’s lessons is beautifully illustrated in a profound and dynamic display-where the audience cannot help but find itself enraptured in the world he creates.
It was a raw, yet nurturing journey that mines the depths of the human spirit.” -Angela K.

“Listening to what you were saying about the art of storytelling and using the emotions we are gifted with to ‘dig deep’ and bring out what is inside, was incredible. I was engaged emotionally from story to story.
I will never forget this experience, which was life changing.” -David H.